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Digitale Transformation ermöglichen, Kosten senken und den Geschäftserfolg steigern.

IT in the "driver's seat"

IT is confronted with a growing number of challenges that initially seem difficult to reconcile. Increased market dynamics and rapid technological developments are having a huge impact on the pressure to change. At the same time, the shortage of skilled workers, tight budgets and increasing resilience requirements are hampering the necessary innovative strength.

IT strategy consulting

By further developing and professionalizing your IT, we support you in developing tailored responses to these challenges and increasing the value of IT to the business.

We combine many years of experience in the areas of IT management and IT modernization with proven methods and best practices, as well as individual consulting. Our experienced IT experts not only deliver strategies, but also take responsibility from planning to successful implementation.

Our services

[Translate to English:] Entwicklung der IT-Strategie

Digital & IT strategy

We develop customized IT strategies that we tailor to the individual requirements of our customers. With our holistic consulting approach, we already have operationalization in mind during strategy development.

[Translate to English:] Target Operating Model entwickeln

Target Operating Model (TOM)

Based on a strategic vision, we support IT organizations on their way to assuming their changed role in the company. Together, we adapt the technology and process landscape, organization, roles and responsibilities and make IT fit for the future.

[Translate to English:] Enterprise Architecture Management

Enterprise Architecture Management

We link the IT architecture to the architecture of the business processes to ensure that the business processes are optimally supported by the IT functions. 

[Translate to English:] IT Service Management

Enterprise & IT Service Management

With the appropriate frameworks, tools and processes, we ensure the user-friendly and efficient delivery of modern IT services. Our consulting is based on ITIL.

[Translate to English:] IT Sourcing

IT Sourcing

Strategic procurement of IT services makes it possible to shift the focus away from operations and towards greater innovative strength in IT. We support you in the efficient planning, management and control of the outsourcing of IT systems and services.

[Translate to English:] IT Governance

IT Governance

By establishing effective control, measurement, and management mechanisms for IT, we help companies to make the value contribution of IT transparent, meet compliance requirements and reduce IT costs.

In the best of company: our customers

What sets us apart

Specialists for corporate IT

Specialists for corporate IT

We develop strategies and concepts and ensure their optimal implementation. Around 100 certified IT project management experts ensure that the expected benefits are achieved - we have already proven this in over 1,000 successful IT projects.

Certified IT standards

Certified IT standards

We understand technologies and can advise our customers on all common IT standards. Our experts are comprehensively certified according to ISO 20000, COBIT or ITIL and many other standards and combine this knowledge with many years of IT project experience.

Excellent Change Management

Excellent Change Management

We ensure sustainable adoption and positive ROI from technology investments. That is why we are one of the first companies ever to be awarded the Microsoft Advanced Specialization for Adoption and Change Management.

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