Thanks to artificial intelligence: increased productivity in day-to-day work.

More productivity through more time for value-adding work - AI and the M365 Copilot can become the X-factor in times of complex tasks, responsibility structures and a continuous flood of information. But that's not all: AI also contributes to the employee experience and employer branding, making it a catalyst for a modern and innovative corporate culture.

Microsoft Copilot does not roll out easily

There is some homework to do for a successful deployment of the new Microsoft AI technology: AI and Copilot only work as well as the database and the organization is prepared for AI. In the pre-implementation phase, some critical aspects must therefore be considered and analyzed, such as the data and filing structure, data protection and also co-determination. The analyses also uncover critical infrastructure potential, which forms the necessary foundation of a future-proof corporate strategy.

Without these preparations, Copilot risks at the very least being slowed down and missing expectations, and at worst becoming an expensive disappointment. Through professional expertise, effective project management and application-oriented change management, we ensure that your company is prepared in the best possible way!

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Our services

AI + M365 Copilot Advisory

We work with you to clarify the use of AI and Copilot in the context of your corporate strategy. To do this, we define anchor use cases, determine potential benefits, and formulate key messages. The end result is a rollout plan that includes all the necessary steps for preparation.

Readiness and Deployment

In addition to assessment workshops on various topics such as data security, compliance, content readiness and tenant readiness, we prepare coordination with the works council and data protection. At the same time, we create detailed use cases and define governance models such as a Center of Excellence (CoE).

M365 Copilot Extensibility

The Copilot enables the connection of third-party systems. This turns Copilot into a central assistant with information from business-critical peripheral systems such as CRM, ERP and HR. We take over the consulting on use cases, the technical conception as well as the implementation and roll-out.

Adoption and Change Management

We support you in various measures to introduce a changed way of working and culture. These include a purpose workshop, a culture assessment and the definition of a target culture. Supporting managers in becoming multipliers is just as much a part of our services as the development of target group-oriented qualification measures and the initiation of a community of key users for the sustainable support of the workforce.


We take care of the planning, execution and evaluation of pilot scenarios to test and confirm the previously predicted potential benefits and end-user adoption behavior. The findings from the pilot are used to effectively design the further rollout.

Workshop Series: Microsoft Copilot Readiness

In preparation for the launch of Microsoft Copilot, we offer a standardized procedure. Structured in 8 workshops, we prepare you optimally for the launch. In just a few weeks, all organizational and technical questions are clarified and the roadmap for the rollout and adoption is set.

Inspiration & Enlightenment

We will use demos and Q&A to vividly present opportunities and potential use cases, but also dispel rumors and myths, outline Copilot's limitations, and differentiate it from general AI technologies. We also address the potential for strengthening corporate culture and optimizing efficient working practices, as well as possible risks and governance aspects.


Specific result types

We deliver e.g. personas and use case descriptions, an operating model, a rollout plan or a change, communication and training concept - all aligned with your company.


Management presentation

In a compact summary of the most important results, potentials, requirements and milestones, we advise your management and make recommendations for the goal-oriented introduction with regard to license scope, procedure or resources.


Our references

Why Campana & Schott?

Award-winning Microsoft expertise

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner in all relevant business areas, we are closely networked with the manufacturer, master the technologies and ensure that solutions develop their full added value. For Copilot, we are selected by Microsoft as one of only a few Launch Partners and participate in all relevant programs on the topic. We have already received several awards for our technology expertise, such as Microsoft Partner of the Year 2023 in the "Employee Experience" category.


Holistic know-how

We offer a unique combination of management and technology consulting. This includes the ability to develop a strategy and derive a purpose, create use cases and business cases, and drive cultural change. At the same time, we ensure the technical readiness of solutions and implement governance structures for smooth operations.


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