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We make your sustainable transformation successful and ensure that you achieve your sustainability goals.

Sustainability and digitization ensure success in the 21st century

Sustainability is the most pressing issue of our time. New legal requirements and changing customer expectations demand business models that are both environmentally and socially responsible. The focus is on creating value that ensures a high quality of life for future generations.

Companies are increasingly adding sustainability concerns to their strategies and defining concrete goals from them. The challenge is to quantify the success of implementation and to manage progress. This is the task of management.

With Campana & Schott as a partner at your side, you can achieve these goals efficiently with a noticeable impact on your business model. We translate your strategy into action and add sustainable business practices to your transformation portfolio. We help identify and manage key indicators of your projects according to relevant standards. The focus here is on close cooperation with your employees. After all, a strong awareness of sustainability is a key component of your successful corporate culture.

An overview of our services

Develop & implement sustainability strategies

We position our customers as sustainability pioneers. We achieve this by accompanying them on their path to carbon neutrality and implementing an effective sustainability strategy that takes into account aspects such as CSRD-compliant dual materiality and life cycle assessment.

ESG Project & Program Management

Our expertise in project management, combined with innovative technologies, enables companies to efficiently manage ESG projects. For particularly complex projects, our specialized Sustainability Planner App is a valuable addition to optimally monitor them and, for example, implement decarbonization in a targeted manner.

Data & Technology Infrastructure

We accompany companies in the implementation of a sustainable data infrastructure. In doing so, we emphasize the interplay of sustainable and digital transformation to identify and leverage synergies. Together, we lay the foundation for ecologically responsible value creation in the digital era.

ESG Performance Management

Using advanced tools such as Microsoft Sustainability Manager and customized dashboards, we enable organizations to effectively oversee and precisely manage their sustainability goals.

Compliance & Reporting

We support companies in the process of non-financial reporting, especially in fulfilling the CSRD reporting obligation according to the European Sustainability Reporting Standard. In addition, we implement innovative solutions that simplify the creation of meaningful sustainability reports through partial automation.

Engagement & Culture

True sustainability in a company does not come about through processes alone, but through the understanding and commitment of its employees. With targeted measures, we anchor enthusiasm for the topic in the entire workforce and specifically promote participation in innovations in this area.

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