Case Study: Introduction of Digital Workplace to the SPIEGEL Group

Campana & Schott accompanies the SPIEGEL Group in the introduction of a digital workplace and supports the employees with technologies for a modern, networked way of working. The intranet is the key to the digital workplace, which enables employees to work together regardless of location and across departments.

The SPIEGEL Group also relied on best practices from Campana & Schott as well as the findings of the German Social Collaboration Study for the development of the intranet. In our video, Sven Rathjen, Head of IT of the SPIEGEL Group and Dr. Eric Schott, CEO of Campana & Schott, explain the concrete advantages of the digital workplace at SPIEGEL.

About the SPIEGEL Group

The Hamburg-based SPIEGEL Group is one of the most respected German media companies. Print magazines, online offerings and TV productions occupy an outstanding position in the German media landscape. Journalistic quality and independent reporting form the brand essence of all journalistic products. The SPIEGEL brand reaches ever week more than 14 million people in Germany.