Intranet in flux: Viva Amplify complements Connections & Engage

The intranet plays an important role in internal corporate communication. Viva Amplify is coming, supplementing Viva Connections and Viva Engage – and taking the place of Valo.

Internal communication has always fascinated me. It’s like an invisible network holding the company together and connecting everyone with each other. Internal communication is more than just a way to share information. It also fosters and maintains an organization’s culture and advances ideas. The intranet plays an increasingly important role in this – since after all, it can be used very differently today than just a few years back. Community building is the main feature here: dynamic dialogue, sharing of knowledge, and bolstering the corporate culture in a decentralized working world.

There is a lot of action right now in the realm of corporate intranet based on Microsoft Viva. This blog post discusses a few of the biggest announcements and changes we are currently seeing.

Two-dollar Viva license – an offer for corporate communications

Viva Connections, Viva Engage, and Viva Amplify are now available with a single license. Microsoft is sending a clear message with the move: advanced, forward-looking communication needs to be affordable to businesses of all sizes. To me, this shows just how much the demand for these extensions of the communication landscape in the direction of employee experience has grown. Employee experience is the sum of all experiences that employees have with a company – a key factor in ensuring satisfaction and motivation in day-to-day work. For anyone who doesn’t yet use Viva for corporate communications, now is a good time to start.

Microsoft Viva Amplify: a true game changer

Viva Amplify was finally released at the HR Technology Conference on October 10 of this year. With this new module from the Viva suite, Microsoft now offers an editorial tool with functions such as multichannel publishing, sentiment analyses, and detailed insights. This lets companies ensure that their messages don't just reach the full intended audience, but also have the desired impact. And it all takes place under the umbrella of Microsoft 365, which guarantees both integration and security.

End of Life: Valo

Valo has been a fixture of the intranet landscape for years now. Its contributions have included awesome additional features that many communication departments rely on. But time marches on, and people’s needs and the functions they require are changing, too. In August, Staffbase announced that Valo Intranet and Valo Connect would be discontinued by July 31, 2025.

This is an opportunity to look around for new and innovative solutions to meet modern companies’ requirements, now and down the road. We are among those who installed Valo as part of our customers’ intranets, to great success.

With Valo’s run coming to an end, we are already shifting our customers to Microsoft Viva, combined with Connections and Engage. At the same time, social intranets are now in use by more than 50,000 users worldwide. Our takeaway after the first few go-live processes is promising. The social intranet based on Viva works, and it meets or even exceeds user expectations. These solutions are even more attractive in light of Amplify and the two-dollar license discussed above.

We can help with your Valo exit strategy

This opens up a range of opportunities for companies. A social intranet project can be a good time to rethink and optimize existing communication structures while incorporating advanced options for community building – and thus building a high-performance organization through effective communication.

Our team at Campana & Schott is happy to help you with this process, right from the start. Need support with your Valo exit strategy? We’ve put together a package for you. For more on this, see our next blog or contact us directly.

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Holger Dietz

Senior Manager, Head of Employee Experience