Introducing Power Platform at Röhm

From idea to finished concept.

Röhm is a leading provider of methacrylate chemistry products. A global enterprise, Röhm is represented on four continents with some 3,500 employees. Its broad product portfolio includes the PLEXIGLAS® brand, which is known all over the world, and its most important raw material, methyl methacrylate, which Röhm manufactures in a global production alliance.

Röhm uses Microsoft 365 as a key foundation of the digital workplace. The low-code Microsoft Power Platform is an integral element of Microsoft 365 but working with it has largely been unstructured so far. Now, Röhm aims to harness the Microsoft Power Platform to further advance its internal push to adopt new and digital technologies.

This will succeed through scalable, reliable citizen development, focusing IT activities on key topics, and establishing efficient processes having to do with all aspects of developing and providing solutions on the platform.

Citizen Developers

Citizen developers are users without technical training who can use low-code platforms or other simple development tools to implement applications and automation solutions to overcome challenges in their day-to-day work.

Eyes on the prize

Röhm turned to Campana & Schott for support with introducing the platform and ensuring it was used optimally. As the first step, the consultants took stock of the current situation. Then the team worked with the client to define objectives and configure the platform in keeping with the company’s compliance guidelines. Clear lines were drawn to delineate central solutions operated by the IT team from decentralized solutions developed by citizen developers, which was especially important at this stage. Campana & Schott also put together packages of measures for possible future training needs. 

A coordinated start for citizen development

Röhm now has a holistic operating concept that encompasses all the relevant aspects (strategy, technical governance, operating manual, including ITSM integration, citizen developer enablement) having to do with the introduction and use of the Microsoft Power Platform within the company. Going forward, the company will be able to use this concept as a basis for introducing the platform across the board as a coordinated process. The right overall conditions for uncomplicated use of the Power Platform are in place.

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Eric Jänsch

Senior Account Manager

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Marc Schäfer

Practice Lead Citizen Development