CS PPM Power Suite

  • A tool for modern project portfolio management on the Microsoft Power platform 
  • Intuitive & modern user interface 
  • Integration of work management tools such as Project for the Web, Planner or Azure DevOps 
  • Can be combined with Microsoft Teams 
  • Low one-time and license costs  

The new generation of project portfolio management in one tool

Transparent and lightweight: Always keep the interaction of your projects, programs and portfolios under control with the CS PPM Power Suite. While project teams use the work management tools of their choice, relevant project details, status reports and strategic aspects are displayed in one tool - the CS PPM Power Suite. 

Trust in more than 25 years of experience and benefit from our PPM Best Practices in a new design! 

The features at a glance

Manage projects

The central entry point for project managers is the "Project Center", where all projects are clearly displayed with the relevant information and status. With the help of additional filter and grouping options, you can always keep an eye on your relevant projects. During project initialization, information about the objectives, financing and categorization of the projects is recorded. Then, important milestones are defined and the complete project lifecycle is managed.


[Translate to English:] Project Center
Plan and control programs

The program management module enables the planning and control of major projects, strategic initiatives and programs consisting of several sub-projects. Program-specific details are maintained and at the same time information from the corresponding projects is aggregated. A roadmap provides an overview of the time dependencies of the projects. 

[Translate to English:] Programmmanagement-Modul
Set up and track portfolios

At the portfolio level, projects are combined into portfolios and managed on an overarching basis to create synergies. By simply prioritizing the projects in the portfolio, the initiatives are sorted according to their rank. A strategy score from the respective projects provides additional help in deciding on the rank. Portfolio managers can also gain an insight into the status of the related individual projects, including the possibility to drill down into the individual projects. 

[Translate to English:] Portfolio-Manager
View status and reports directly

Project and program managers can easily and directly maintain the project and program status in the tool and can create a snapshot of the current status with a few clicks. This provides then a history of the project status.


[Translate to English:] Statusreport
Document risks and issues

Within projects and programs, the CS PPM Power Suite offers the possibility of identifying and carefully documenting various risks and issues. In addition to the typical categories impact and probability of occurrence, measures can also be planned for the individual risks.

Manage resources easily

The project managers access a centrally maintained resource pool and can communicate requirements to the resource managers or line managers. At the same time, the resource managers are able to monitor the workload and scheduling of their employees and adjust them if necessary.


CS PPM Power Suite in practice

CS PPM Power Suite Demo

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