Learning and teaching, in step with the times

ETH Zurich teamed up with Campana & Schott to implement a platform for lifelong learning based on Microsoft Viva Learning.

Private-sector employees aren’t the only ones who engage in lifelong learning. Faculty and staff of global leaders in higher education such as ETH (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule) Zurich do, too. To create a modern option for this that accommodates various needs and requirements, the Office of the Vice President of Personnel Development and Leadership (VPPL) came up with a new concept called the Lifelong Learning Hub (L3H). The Lifelong Learning Hub supports ETH faculty and staff in incorporating lifelong learning into their day-to-day work, building social and leadership skills, and living up to their full potential.

Viva Learning as a solution

ETH Zurich, a leader in scientific and academic fields, was one of the first organizations in Switzerland to choose to work with Microsoft Viva Learning. This solution forms the basis for creating an interactive, collaborative, and self-directed learning environment. It was used to establish the concept of the L3H, with all its learning paths geared toward seven different target groups, directly in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft recommended Campana & Schott for technical, professional, and organizational support.

Support across all areas

The first step for the international Campana & Schott team was to carry out a pilot project with 30 employees of ETH Zurich to map out the desired use cases and test the solution. Ambassadors were trained to work as multipliers, and a community was established. By taking this approach, Campana & Schott was supporting not only the technical implementation, but also the adoption and change management needed to introduce the new solution across the entire university.

The professional expertise also helped with learning management, from developing the learning architecture to integrating learning content and target systems. This means the system now reflects the entire lifelong learning cycle individually for each group of employees, from onboarding and further development to the next career step. The curated learning goals can be selected independently, and the relevant sessions and courses added to a personal calendar. This makes learning a seamless part of day-to-day working processes and flows.

The next level in professional education

The concept of the Lifelong Learning Hub (L3H) in the form of Viva Learning makes it much easier to find and select the right learning content. At the same time, international organizations can adjust their user interfaces to accommodate various languages. This gives employees a better big-picture view of the available learning options, also spurring greater engagement. Collaboration functions allow learners to share information and experiences quickly and easily. In this way, a learning experience system like Viva Learning makes it possible to bring together proven learning structures and a modern learning culture, which significantly enhances the employee experience.

About L3H

In L3H, ETH has created a space where all faculty and staff members can access a variety of learning content, self-directed and with flexibility – and geared specifically toward their individual needs. The L3H learning platform brings content, people, and technology together with a focus on a collaborative learning experience. The learning content is geared in particular toward building social and leadership skills at ETH and cultivating these skills optimally within the framework of people’s individual situations and needs. In this way, lifelong learning makes a crucial contribution to achieving ETH’s overarching objectives.


Julie-Anne Rhodes

Managing Consultant - Employee Experience

Pascal Brunner

Head of Modern Work Switzerland