Lifelong learning @ETH Zurich

A holistic concept thanks to Campana & Schott and Viva Learning

Campana & Schott provided ETH Zurich with holistic support in introducing its new lifelong learning concept. Services included not only the technical implementation of Viva Learning, but also comprehensive change management and professional learning management support.

"We successfully carried out the proof of concept and subsequent rollout for the Lifelong Learning Hub in partnership with Campana & Schott", says Martin Ghisletti, Head Development and Leadership of ETH Zürich. "Thanks to the rollout, we are able to visualize the trend per target group optimally. The change measures are aimed at lasting use of the Lifelong Learning Hub, supporting the development of the culture of learning and among employees of ETH Zurich."


Julie-Anne Rhodes

Managing Consultant - Employee Experience

Michael Weiss

Manager Modern Workplace