Octapharma modernizes office applications worldwide

The Swiss company Octapharma, one of the largest manufacturers of pharmaceuticals with human proteins as the active ingredient, chooses Campana & Schott as its rollout partner. Together, they are introducing Microsoft Office Pro Plus for all employees worldwide, thus replacing older Office versions. To anchor the use of the tools among the employees, Campana & Schott supports Octapharma with change management measures before and during the rollout.  

About Octapharma

Headquartered in Lachen, Switzerland, Octapharma is one of the largest human protein manufacturers in the world, developing and producing human proteins from human plasma and human cell lines. Octapharma employs more than 10,000 people worldwide to support the treatment of patients in 118 countries with products across three therapeutic areas: Haematology, Immunotherapy, and Critical Care.

Octapharma has seven R&D sites and six state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Austria, France, Germany, Mexico and Sweden, with a combined capacity of approximately 8 million litres of plasma per annum. In addition, Octapharma operates more than 140 plasma donation centres across Europe and the US.