Data & Analytics

Making intelligent use of the growing volumes of data.

Intelligent data usage

The intelligent use of a constantly growing volume of data represents one of the most important success factors for efficient and effective corporate management. Integrated data, modern IT solutions and data science methods enable the realization of cost reductions and revenue increases.

Campana & Schott advises and supports companies along the entire analytics lifecycle with a combination of management, technology and method consulting - from the identification of relevant business processes and data, the preparation of the necessary data infrastructure and modeling, to technical implementation and transfer to the line. 

A team of experts for Big Data infrastructures, data science methods, data visualization and transformation management supports our customers and works hand in hand with the existing Center of Excellence or accompanies companies in setting one up: Our customers benefit from the know-how of our data scientists, data engineers, business analysts, SCRUM masters and other experts.

What we do

We accompany our customers from prestudy, transformation management, to technology consulting and implementation of suitable solutions to efficiently use the growing amounts of data.

Prestudy & Roadmap

As part of a preliminary study, we give our customers' data & analytics program a structure, define the scope with key stakeholders, and formulate the desired goals. By establishing a business case, we quantitatively validate the potential benefits of the data & analytics initiative and compile the key points of the time schedule in a roadmap.


Transformation Management

With a team of experienced program and project managers, a project management office and SCRUM masters, we provide holistic support for the management of the transformation program: from the integration of other workstreams in addition to data and analytics to planning, reporting, project communication and change management.


Technology Consulting

Our IT architects and data engineers advise companies on the specific advantages of individual technology alternatives and create an IT solution design optimized for the respective environment, including an approach for master data management. The consulting spectrum of our experts includes Big Data platforms as well as tools for data lakes, machine learning, visualization and data integration.



Using modern, powerful tools and programming languages such as R or Python, we realize analytics use cases in a short time by applying agile development methods. Customers benefit from interactive management dashboards, improved forecasts and faster decisions. As a technical basis, we realize powerful cloud solutions for high-performance processing of large data volumes with simultaneous flexible adaptability.


  • Prestudy & Roadmap
  • Transformation Management
  • Technology Consulting
  • Implementation

Data & Analytics in use


With Data & Analytics, we ensure that our customers drive innovations and are thus successful digitally and in the long term.

Customer Centricity

We ensure that our customers create a fascinating customer experience with intelligent use of data.

Digital business models

With Data & Analytics, we provide the right foundation for our customers to further develop their digital business.

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