Copilot brings AI power to Microsoft Viva

The virtual assistant as an intelligent companion for employees in all professional situations.

On 20.04.2023, the new Copilot for MS Viva was presented at the Microsoft Viva Summit. This is the first time that real AI is used in the solution. The virtual assistant thus becomes an intelligent companion for employees in all professional situations.

Microsoft Viva is the employee experience platform integrated into Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. It supports employees in managing their contacts, daily work routine, personal goals and training. This increases both their productivity and satisfaction.

The new AI-based Copilot brings great benefits, especially when it comes to defining personal goals. Until now, breaking down overarching corporate goals to the individual level of employees has often been laborious. It is generally difficult to derive individual OKRs (Objective and Key Results) out of the general vision, purpose and strategy of the company. 

With Copilot in Viva Goals, AI helps to formulate suggestions for individual OKRs from the existing context of the company - such as existing planning and strategy documents. The conversational AI also optimizes existing OKRs, summarizes personal progress via contextual data, and creates results-oriented, motivational goals. In doing so, it also suggests appropriate initiatives, tailored for the respective employees.  

The Copilot has also been integrated into other MS Viva modules. In Viva Engage, it offers suggestions for communication based on trends, both for employee communities and managers. In Viva Topics, it generates summaries and responses based on topic-related documents. 

Overall, Microsoft is taking a giant step toward AI support with Copilot. The automatically generated, fast, accurate and personalized answers and insights based on the company context, will help both sides. Employees receive personalized support for their daily work, which increases their motivation and satisfaction. At the same time, the solution helps managers better understand the workforce and respond to problems more quickly.

If you are interested in OKRs or Viva Goals, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly assist you as a long-standing Microsoft partner.


Daniel Burger

Head of Goal-Setting & OKR