Introducing the New Planner in Microsoft Teams

Valuable insights about features, licensing and integration capabilities of the new Microsoft Planner.

Microsoft Teams is set to enhance its productivity suite with the gradual rollout of the new Planner. This innovative tool is the result of merging the simplicity of Microsoft To Do, the collaborative features of Microsoft Planner, and the robust capabilities of Microsoft Project for the web. Over the coming weeks, users will experience a seamless transition to a more integrated and powerful work management system. 

To clarify open questions and fears, we have summarized the most important new findings regarding licensing behavior and dependencies on the CS PPM Power Suite. In addition, there is a Q&A page from Microsoft where the most frequently asked questions have been collected and answered.

To the Microsoft Planner FAQ

Rollout and Availability

The new Planner is now available in Microsoft Teams, offering a unified platform for individual and team project management. The new Planner boasts a refreshed icon that symbolizes collaboration, empowerment, workflow, and simplicity, all while aligning with the Microsoft 365 color palette. The integration will occur progressively, ensuring a smooth adaptation for all users.

Features and Capabilities

With a M365 license, users gain access to a comprehensive set of work management features previously found in both Planner and To Do. The new Planner Plan 1 license, akin to the Project Plan 1 license, unlocks premium capabilities such as:

  • Timeline (Gantt) view

  • Task dependencies

  • Sprint planning

  • Customizable fields

  • Goals view

Additionally, Copilot in Planner is still accessible through the Teams public preview, providing AI-driven assistance in task management and project tracking. Further AI features and licenses for Planner will be published by Microsoft soon.

Integration within the CS PPM Power Suite

The introduction of the new Planner will simplify and streamline the integration process within the CS PPM Power Suite, enhancing the overall user experience within the Power Suite ecosystem.

CS PPM Power Suite is a customizable tool for modern project portfolio management on the Microsoft Power platform.

Stay tuned for these exciting developments as Microsoft Teams continues to evolve, making project management more intuitive and collaborative than ever before. Remember to check for the new Planner in your Teams app or begin the free trial for Planner Premium to explore the enhanced capabilities designed to empower your productivity.


Dominik Wolgast

Consultant - Project & Performance Management Solutions

Anes Tanjo

Senior Manager | Head of Project & Performance Management Solutions