Health Care Professional (HCP) engagement - The right information at the ideal time via the preferred channel

Why pharmaceutical companies should implement a modular content strategy.

As we entered the 2020s, 70% of health care professionals could be considered "digital natives". In their private environment, they consume increasingly more digital content "on demand", leading to this expectation also reflecting in the professional environment. For pharma companies, this implies that relevant information must not only be available at a glance, but also via the desired channel and at the ideal time. 

Personalized and targeted engagement through modular content

A modular content strategy enables the cost efficient upscaling of personalized content creation allowing for a truly individualized HCP engagement. As such, modules as standalone fragments offer the advantage of containing all relevant elements (statements, graphs, visual elements, references, variations, etc.), required to convey the desired information. As a result, the module is capable of delivering the desired message, even when no other context is available. At the same time, modules are not channel specific while "business rules" can determine how and in which context the module may be used. In return, this allows for a channel-independent, module specific MLR approval (Medical, Legal & Regulatory) as the foundation for a cost efficient and scalable creation of numerous communication variants.

The modules also allow for quick and optimal adaption based on topic, engagement type and channel. This not only caters to time and resource efficiency during the initial content creation process but also increases the overall re-use of existing content. 

The “content toolbox” enables decentralized content adaption catering to local needs while the business rules ensure that the brand story and overall branding are being retained. 

Additionally tagging modules with messages allows for resonance and effectiveness tracking. The generated insights can then be considered for future content creation, enabling an even more targeted communication geared to the customer needs. 

With the right content strategy, pharma companies can therefore not only benefit from faster and more cost efficient processes, but also gain valuable insights for a continuously evolving and improving customer engagement. 


Modular content offers an innovative way to efficiently and scalably create personalized content.  

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