Modern Workplace Conference Paris 2022

Les sessions Campana & Schott à la conférence Microsoft 365, Office 365, Teams et SharePoint disponibles en replay !

Organisée par la communauté francophone autour de la Plateforme collaborative Microsoft, la MWCP 2022 vise à partager la connaissance et la passion autour des usages du Modern Workplace. 

Connecting all employees in times of hybrid work with Viva Connections and Microsoft Teams

Finally on the same page - with Viva Connections, all important information is right at everyone's fingertips. Key takeaways from this session will be various aspects of how Viva Connections puts your employees - information and frontline workers alike - in the center of integration and supports them in the new challenge of hybrid working. To that end, we'll demonstrate how Teams can bring together information from different systems in a new frontend, also on mobile devices. Thus, Teams can also be used as an employee app for the entire company.  

The new dashboard and the integration of the intranet in the common platform offers all employees - even away from their desks and at the frontline in production or warehouses - access, information and sharing, and creates a closer connection to the company and its mission. 


Intervenants :  

Louis Cacaret  
Daniela Kruse-Reinemann 

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I am who I am - sure ?! - Employee experience, Security & Zero Trust for Microsoft 365

Put yourself in the center - starting with your identity in Microsoft Azure Active Directory, we will show you how to turn a username into a secure and unique identity with M365 Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS).   
You will experience the importance of devices and locations as further factors for more security and usability and how to avoid using passwords.  

Finally, with this unique identity in your luggage, we will travel through your application landscape and show you how you can use Microsoft Azure Active Directory as an identity system from the cloud to gradually ensure that only the right people have the right access to the right applications - with a single login.  


Intervenants :  

Liane Chaudron  
Stefan Haffner 

Walk through the information lifecycle with Compliance & Information Protection in Microsoft 365

I am relevant information - does anyone hear me?! 
Every day, a multitude of information is created. How important each individual piece is is often only decided later. It has a value for the company right from the start and is marked accordingly. In this way, we can keep an eye on it right from the start and protect it.  

With this "label", information passes through many hands, becomes more important or less important. Whenever the location of the information changes or it is processed, a chance arises to re-evaluate it or even to affix a new "label" - either automatically or manually. No matter where the information moves - inside or outside the company - the "label" ensures that the information does not fall into unauthorized hands.   

Finally, the information is deleted or retained for as long as necessary. Until then, the information remains protected because the "label" cannot be rubbed off. Join us to learn how M365 with Microsoft Information Protection can help you classify and control the use of electronic information of varying relevance throughout its lifecycle.   


Intervenants :  

Michael Matthies 
Ulf Schlaak

Plan, manage and prioritize your sustainability project portfolio with Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform

The COP26, New Green Deal, EU taxonomy, and the revision and expansion of non-financial reporting (CSRD) are expressions of the growing responsibility that companies must face with regard to sustainability.  

Sustainability has long ceased to be a ad on issue and is becoming an important part of corporate strategy. The successful implementation of sustainability leads to an increase in efficiency, innovation rate, employee satisfaction and attractiveness for investors and employees.  

In this session, we want to show you how M365 and the Power Platform can enable you to build, implement and successfully manage sustainability in your company.  

Let's get ready for the Sustainable Transformation! 

Intervenants :  

Carla Pelzeter 
Sven Hausen 

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Donnez à tous les membres de votre organisation les moyens d'une gestion de projet moderne avec M365

(mercredi 26/01 à 16h00 - session présentée en anglais session présentée en Français) 

La gestion de projet est un enjeu clé pour chaque entreprise. La gestion de projet moderne est un facteur clé de succès. 
Microsoft 365 modernise la gestion de projet avec des outils adaptés à chaque profil et des interfaces simples et intuitives. L'intégration des briques M365 permet une collaboration efficace et une gestion de projet de bout en bout pertinente et personnalisée. 

Lors de cette session nous allons suivre une équipe projet dans son quotidien et découvrir via des cas d'usages concrets comment chacun interagit avec les outils modernes M365 de manière simple et orchestrée. 


Intervenants :  

Karl Stewing 
Loubna Kassou 

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