New brand identity, new corporate design, new corporate website!

Checkmark on all three: As part of a new strategy development process, we as a company took an in-depth look at how we can continue to provide our customers with the best possible support in times of change. Now more than ever, companies are facing complex change processes and need individual support and expertise to remain competitive and successful in the future.

New identity and external image for better customer orientation

Transformation. Passion. Results. Navigating our clients through the most significant changes of our time for sustainable success. This is the basis of our new vision. We´re focusing on digital transformation, sustainable transformation, transformation of work transformation of work, and business transformations.

Our mission aims at one thing: successfully shaping transformations - for organizations, people and society. With the combination of methodical and technological top specializations, we are able to design and implement transformations successfully.

People make the difference

"You're different!" is something we hear from our customers quite frequently. Why? Because as an owner-operated company, we put people first, without any ifs or buts, and have done so for more than 30 years. Passion, responsibility and humanity characterize our employees.  We live these values; they make the difference.

The new corporate design: Focus on our employees, fluid human design, bold color scheme

The aim of our new corporate design (CD) is to transfer our identity, first and foremost our values, to our visual design elements. Rather than aiming at a radical change of identity, our focus was on the further development of the existing CD, which has so far functioned excellently.

Image world

With our new image world, we put our own employees at the center which creates human, authentic stagings. We furthermore emphasize this effect with warm, natural colors.

Shape language

A new design language symbolizes the merging of two worlds. Whether this concerns Campana & Schott as a company, our cooperation with our customers, or our methodical and technological expertise. We express all of this through two elements that merge into one.

Color world

Our new design is rounded off by a revised color scheme. More modern and enhanced by striking accent colors, it expresses the emotionality and uniqueness of Campana & Schott a lot more clearly.

Find out for yourselves!