The new MS Teams: Microsoft switches on the turbo

Microsoft is ushering in a new era for Microsoft Teams.

Based on extensive customer feedback, the software company has developed a fundamentally new version of its collaboration software that is designed to make work faster, easier and more flexible.  

As a partner, Campana & Schott has already had an advanced look at the new development - and the improvement in performance is impressive. Starting the new client takes only half as long as it used to. Overall, measurements by the company GigaOm have shown that the new Teams is up to two times faster. Switching between channels and chats is 1.7 times faster than before.

At the same time, Microsoft has significantly reduced the program's need for resources - which is good news not only for IT managers, but also for all users. The new version requires 70 percent less memory - and uses only half as much RAM. This performance leap is due to the fact that Microsoft has built the Teams client from scratch based on new, high-performance basic frameworks such as React, Fluent UI and WebView2.  


Benefits for companies 

The increased speed and lower resource requirements should be noticeable in everyday life - work devices run on a lower load. Especially for mobile workers with their laptops, this could have positive effects on battery life, for example.  

Microsoft is furthermore significantly expanding multi-tenant support: In the future, users will be able to switch between different accounts more quickly and will not have to log in again via the browser each time. Instead, they can switch between accounts directly in their profile or set their status depending on the account and organization. Part of the multi-tenant support is a new feature that allows receiving notifications across accounts. Different color schemes are also available, users can thereby immediately determine the origination and context of a message. This is particularly relevant in industries where service provider employees are integrated with different customers and not just part of their own organization.  

IT administrators can now make the "public preview" available to selected users. For this purpose, Microsoft provides a first version, which does not yet include all the functions of the new one. Using a switch button in the client, users can then switch back and forth between the two software versions and compare their functionalities. 

But Microsoft does not stop there. The company has announced further exciting innovations in recent weeks. In Teams Meeting, personalizable avatars are introduced, which should enable more personal communication even with the video option being switched off. In addition, various functions around the OpenAI-based Copilot offer a variety of support options, concerning personal work as well as cooperation in Teams and Meetings. 

Please contact us in order to find out more about what this means for your company. 

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Bastian Emondts

Senior Manager | Head of App Innovation