Lufthansa: Reintegration of maintenance activities

Campana & Schott supports Lufthansa Airlines incorporation process.

More than 25 years ago, Lufthansa Airlines outsourced its maintenance, a few years ago the Executive Board gave the direction to reintegrate it into the airline. Being a particularly business-critical area, maintenance is an essential part of flight execution and safety.

A team of experts from Campana & Schott supported the client in this complex project of the regrouping. Countless regulations and collective bargaining provisions had to be followed, contracts had to be adapted, a mandatory deadline had to be met and a new approval for the technical operation had to be obtained in a very short time frame.

In an interview, Robert Nyenhuis (Lufthansa Airlines) and Marco Wick (Campana & Schott) explain the ambitious project goals, the challenges that  had to be mastered and with which approaches the project could ultimately be successfully implemented.


Marco Wick

Division Head Transformation of Business