Strategy Implementation

Specific goals, metrics, and evaluation measures for implementing a new strategy.

Targets, key figures & evaluation benchmarks

A change of strategy in the company is often necessary in order to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. In order to implement a new strategy in the company, the definition of concrete measures is a central success factor before the actual implementation.

Based on a new or adapted corporate strategy, Campana & Schott derives concrete goals, key figures and evaluation standards in order to enable the project portfolio to be set up and prioritized in line with the strategy.

We then advise our customers on the transfer of the strategy into concrete programs and projects and set up the corresponding project portfolio. Once set up, we check the progress as part of regular monitoring and compare the results and orientation of previous measures with the strategic goals. In this way, corrections and directional adjustments can be made at an early stage.

What we do

We accompany companies from the translation of a strategy into concrete goals, over the entire range of project management, to measuring success in the successful implementation of the strategy.

Strategy Transfer

We translate the corporate strategy into concrete goals, measures, KPIs and programs in a targeted manner and develop individually tailored control concepts.


Implementation of Projects

We advise on the transfer of prioritized project portfolios into the planning process.


Effective Control

If required, we take over the implementation of strategy-compliant planning, reporting and budgeting systems.



We establish a meaningful monitoring to measure the strategic contribution, the profitability or the portfolio balance.


  • Strategy Transfer
  • Implementation of Projects
  • Effective Control
  • Monitoring

Strategy Implementation in use

Digital Strategy & Transformation

We turn our customers into digitally thinking companies that are positioned for the future.

Business Transformation

We ensure that change projects work and have an impact.

Digital business models

We take up new technologies and social developments and further develop the digital business of our customers.

Culture & Organizational change

With the right approach, we ensure that cultural and organizational change is successful for our customers.

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