Microsoft Inspire 2023

The AI Transformation and the Next Stage in the Evolution of Modern Work.

As they move toward the modern workplace, companies face central challenges, which vary according to maturity: efficient data management, cybersecurity, the introduction of cloud services, use of artificial intelligence, process automation in the no-code/low-code era, and successful collaboration across decentralized teams even as working hours are increasingly compressed, to name just a few. Microsoft offers a number of technologies and solutions that can help with overcoming these challenges.

Microsoft will be showcasing its latest innovations and bringing the global Microsoft partners together at the most important Microsoft event of the year, the annual Microsoft Inspire conference, to be held July 18–20. 

Campana & Schott will be attending again this year. In our role as the winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for 2023 in the category “Modern Work: Employee Experience” and a finalist in the category “Modern Work: Project & Portfolio Management,” we take care to continuously grow and expand our expertise and gain an even deeper understanding of Microsoft’s technologies and vision. This allows us to continue to offer you the best possible strategies and implementations for your company, based on solutions from Microsoft.

This year, artificial intelligence (AI) makes up about half of all the talks at Microsoft Inspire, but that isn’t all. Satya Nadella’s keynote address, which kicked off the event, also focused entirely on the use of AI. Microsoft is heralding no less than the dawn of a new era: the transition from the digital transformation to the AI transformation. There is so much potential in this field that the use of AI may even boost GDP at the macroeconomic level. Products such as Microsoft 365, Bing, Viva, Power BI and Power Platform, Dynamics 365 and Azure Open AI all show how AI is being systematically integrated into the Microsoft product portfolio. AI enhances productivity, enables intelligent decisions, and intensifies creativity, all aligned with Microsoft’s motto: “Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”


This text presents an overview of AI technologies and many more innovations at Microsoft Inspire that will have a lasting positive impact on our work with you, our clients.

Artificial intelligence

Our goal is to prepare you and your employees optimally for the journey with Microsoft 365 Copilot, focusing on topics such as issues of data governance, policies, adoption, and change management, and to work to take this solution live. Copilot is currently in the preview phase with selected clients. Analyses have shown that using Copilot is very likely to result in greater productivity. Copilot is integrated with many other Microsoft products, yielding countless use cases for every industry in practice. Azure OpenAI services can also be integrated into Teams or Power Apps, offering tremendous potential and accelerating successful collaboration within your company. Last but not least, the company has unveiled Bing Chat Enterprise, a groundbreaking solution that combines AI with natural language in chat form, company data and data security for M365 customers, generating an overwhelmingly positive response.

Alongside its many and diverse innovations in the AI space, Microsoft is continuing to invest in expanding the digital workplace.

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Employee Experience | Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva provides a holistic work experience with using the modern workplace by consistently putting employees front and center. In addition to talks on boosting employee motivation and productivity through the Viva Suite, Viva Glint is being introduced as a “voice of the employee” solution. We can’t wait to see the next steps in the modern workplace journey with Viva – an increasingly important topic amid the current shortage of skilled workers.

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Frontline Worker

Frontline workers make up 80 percent of all employed persons worldwide. These people work in fields such as production, logistics, retail, food service, and healthcare, and they are in the most direct contact with people and products. Working with Microsoft tools, we can help you understand frontline workers as a group and enable them to work effectively in the digitalization era. The latest key tools for successful work with and for frontline workers are scheduled to be unveiled at Microsoft Inspire.

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Teams Phone, Rooms, Premium

New features such as Copilot for 1:1 voice over IP and PSTN calls and investments in Teams Rooms boost engagement and productivity among your employees. The new options provided by Teams Premium, such as Intelligent Recap, which automatically generates meeting notes, and webinar features plus added security, all enable modern, efficient, and secure collaboration within your company.

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CSRD, ESG, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability allows you to collect and track environmental data on topics such as carbon footprint, water consumption, and waste. Beyond that, Project ESG Lake makes it possible to build a single source of truth for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data for integrated sustainability management that unlocks options for advanced analyses. A Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) template collects data geared toward the new international reporting rules. We are delighted that Microsoft is taking further steps to offer you innovative ways to manage your sustainability goals.

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Endpoint Management | Intune & Windows 365

Endpoint management is becoming increasingly important, particularly when combined with Intune and Windows 365. Azure Cloud PC is an attractive alternative to conventional VDI solutions such as Citrix. This makes it possible to manage your endpoints effectively, with maximum scalability and cost efficiency and optimum resource utilization within your company.

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Collaboration Security Services

As Microsoft 365 grows, companies around the world have a growing need for workspace governance, data protection, and information management. Official regulations, cyberthreats, and industry compliance require secure collaboration, which is ensured through collaboration security services.

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Following Microsoft Inspire, we will report back with more in-depth views on the new products and innovations most relevant to us and our clients.

We are happy to support you and your company with strategic projects and implementations based on the Microsoft solutions. Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have.

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