Digital Collaboration @STIHL: New ways of collaborating with Microsoft Office 365

Campana & Schott is providing advice on strategy, design and implementation for more than 18,000 employees.

In 2020, as part of a strategy project, STIHL had already evaluated the extent to which the Microsoft Office 365 platform would be able to map the requirements for state-of-the-art collaboration among their employees and what technical and organizational changes would be required to introduce the cloud services. The SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business services were then rolled out in 2021 with the company’s “Digital Collaboration” program. Campana & Schott has been supporting the program right from the start, contributing with extensive expertise in the fields of digital workplace as well as security, compliance and change management.    

Initial situation: Finding the right way to go

As part of the group-wide “Digital Collaboration” project, STIHL aims to introduce new collaboration tools, processes and ways of working by 2025. The goal is to further improve collaboration, facilitate cross-functional and global communication, and offer their staff greater flexibility. 


Solution: Yes to the cloud

In a first step, Campana & Schott assisted in the evaluation of Microsoft Office 365 in order to provide the management with a decision model. The holistic and detailed assessment, including target vision and potential road map, resulted in a clear “yes” in favor of Microsoft Office 365. The migration to the cloud had not been planned from the outset, it was the result of an in-depth analysis. 

In line with the road map, SharePoint Online and OneDrive were introduced first. This introduction was primarily intended to facilitate the in-house exchange of information and the joint processing of documents. The design and implementation phase started in the summer of 2020, with proof of concept taking place in February 2021. This was seamlessly followed by the pilot phase and the worldwide rollout in July 2021. Around 8,000 employees were initially provided with access to the Microsoft Office 365 applications. These applications will subsequently be available to STIHL employees worldwide at the beginning of 2022. The digital workplace will be gradually expanded by additional apps such as Planner and Teams. 

Campana & Schott advised on the design aspects in terms of architecture and governance as well as the provision of security services and the securing of access. In addition, suitable adoption and change management measures for the group were developed in joint workshops. 

Result: On course towards the future

A new group-wide information classification standard was introduced to improve compliance. This will provide the basis for the future implementation of additional functions, e.g., enhanced document encryption or data loss prevention. 

Campana & Schott supported STIHL's IT team in reviewing and evaluating the technical, organizational and functional requirements for using Microsoft Office 365. The governance aspects of the platform in general, but also at the level of specific services such as SharePoint Online, were included in the considerations right from the start, laying the foundation for a smooth operation.  


The STIHL Group develops, manufactures and sells motor-driven equipment for forestry and agriculture as well as landscaping, the construction industry and private garden owners. The portfolio is complemented by digital solutions and services. STIHL has production facilities all over the world, in Germany, the US, Brazil, Switzerland, Austria, China and the Philippines. The company was established in 1926 and is headquartered in Waiblingen near Stuttgart. The STIHL Group achieved a sales revenue of 4.58 million euros in 2020 and had a worldwide workforce of 18,200.