GASAG relies on Campana & Schott for project management

Campana & Schott supports GASAG in a project aimed at using waste heat from data centers.

Data centers generate heat, which often goes unused. According to a study commissioned by the European Union, data centers in Europe generate as much as 50 terawatt-hours of this waste heat each year, which is equivalent to 2 to 3% of Germany’s annual heating requirements. This potential is being explored in various ways, including the Green Spiders project – together with DATA2HEAT, a joint venture between GASAG Solution Plus and investa Real Estate. The project is working to develop and implement concepts for having data centers supply heat to residential and commercial properties. In the associated lighthouse project Marienpark in Berlin, a modern district and later the surrounding neighborhood will be supplied by such a local heating network. This will improve the carbon footprint of the Berlin server farm and at the same time provide customers with reliable, climate-friendly heat.

Campana & Schott is helping to achieve the goals of the "Green Spiders" project. The consulting firm is providing project management support for the optimization and efficient design of work processes. As in many other projects that are being driven forward, GASAG and Campana & Schott are making an active contribution to sustainable development in Germany.


Frank Helbig

Expertise Lead Sustainability