Introduction to the Microsoft PPM Ecosystem

The Microsoft PPM Ecosystem offers a harmonized platform with a broad range of inter-connectable tools to support your projects, no matter if waterfall, agile or hybrid!

In globally connected companies, complexity and change are constantly increasing. On the one hand there are geographically dispersed employees, individual customer requirements and fast paced delivery schedules. On the other hand, the desire for a more agile work environment, technological flexibility and standardized processes. Microsoft’s response is an approach that encourages both innovative ways of working as well as using tried and tested tools.

With its brand-new Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions, Microsoft is creating a redesigned ecosystem that not only addresses the different requirements of program and portfolio management, employee social collaboration and process management, but provides new opportunities for cooperation and individual adaptation.


Tools for Modern Project Management

The entire ecosystem, including a variety of tools, is made available via a single platform: On one hand, employees are empowered to work with their tools of choice. On the other hand, individual project collaboration requirements can be met, as interoperability between tools and modules allows for an easy assembly and interaction.

End-to-end process support for projects

The new PPM ecosystem supports projects and their individual steps end-to-end with tools on the new platform. This allows a best-of-breed selection of the Microsoft universe. In agile projects, Azure Boards or Planner can be used to organize project work. To communicate effectively, use one or more Teams channels to share thoughts and results with the team. And thanks to the integrated platform approach, a portfolio manager can pull relevant data and visualize it in a new feature called Roadmap.


Microsoft’s cloud computing approach

Microsoft uses the cloud computing approach to reduce waiting time for major releases and to provide minor updates, innovations or new services on a regular basis without high rollout or implementation efforts. This change in Microsoft’s service provision strategy significantly emphasizes their endeavor in increasing flexibility and agility at an enterprise-wide level as well as driving innovation and usability on project and social level. Glancing at Microsoft’s roadmap, we can expect a big update for Project Online with Roadmaps being the first feature to be made available.


Benefits of the Microsoft PPM ecosystem at a glance:

  • An enhanced overall experience due to a single technological platform
  • Support of end-to-end processes based on Microsoft tools
  • Reduced waiting time for major releases
  • Faster delivery of service innovations and minor updates
  • Release of new tools and services on a regular basis
  • Increased flexibility, agility, innovation and usability