IT Management Strategy Summit

On April 17 and 18, the "IT Management Strategy Summit" took place once again in Berlin.

The event is aimed at CIOs and IT decision-makers from corporations and SMEs. This year, the main focus was on challenges and future strategies with regards to the continuously increasing use of AI. 

Campana & Schott was once again present with a workshop. Our experts Sven Kreimendahl and Trutz-Sebastian Stephani presented the potential for reducing costs and increasing efficiency in IT management, with the help of artificial intelligence, to around 30 interested participants.

Below is an overview of the focus topics of the two-day event. Currently, these topics in particular are occupying IT decision-makers:

The use of AI in general, with all its opportunities, potential and risks. The strategic use, success factors and experiences were examined.

  • AI as a driver for digital transformation to improve customer proximity and experience in services (customer experience).
  • Enrichment of products with digital solutions (better features, higher quality, better reliability, lower operating costs).
  • Supporting the core business as well as the value chain with AI.

The optimal organization of IT for AI and digitalization.

  • Presentation of the first organizations in which the stable "core IT" was separated from the agile "business IT" (platform IT, fusion IT, product IT vs. core IT).
  • There are companies that have set up small, independent AI innovation groups that focus on innovation rather than profitability. As a result, the most promising ideas are evaluated and implemented according to business benefit.
The perfect (AI) wave

The impact of AI on IT strategy and organization was another recurring theme. One question that was increasingly asked being: "How do you need to position yourself to make the most of the AI wave?" Important insights were shared, and best practices presented. Once again, it became clear that companies that have already learned to work or at least think in a data-driven way are also quicker to adopt generative AI within the company. This enables them to exploit the corresponding potential more quickly and generate added value.

Business and IT - a symbiosis

During numerous discussions, it became clear that IT is still seen as a driver for digitalization. This should also be reflected in the position of the head of IT (CIO, CDO, CIDO). Ideally, this position should be located directly at or even within the management board. After all, IT and business should no longer just coordinate with each other in future but enter a kind of symbiosis.


Companies can achieve technological maturity quite quickly. However, it is more difficult to achieve organizational or strategic maturity, especially when it comes to dealing with AI. Both have been less developed to date, as there is a lack of visions and goals (what is my problem, what do I want to achieve?). One reason for this may be that possibilities are not yet sufficiently known. This is where we need to start and always keep an eye on the North Star, the business benefit!


Sven Kreimendahl

Associate Partner | IT Strategy & IT Transformation