New Work for frontline workers: quick and secure integration

Campana & Schott offers outstanding solutions for the digital communication and processes of frontline workers.

New Work is not only for information workers with video telephony who are working from home, but also needs to be applied to the majority of those employed: the frontline workers. To facilitate the participation of all employees of an organization in the digital transformation process, Campana & Schott is currently working with clients to develop practical solutions for digitizing the work processes of frontline workers. Frontline workers make up more than 80 percent of the workforce worldwide—be it as technicians who are working on production lines, as nursing staff in hospitals, drivers, security and cleaning staff, cashiers or retail workers.  

Campana & Schott recently was awarded the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2021 Award in the “Modern Workplace for Frontline Workers” category for the solutions developed by it. The areas of application for these solutions include, without being limited to, shift planning, task management, ordering and approval processes, training and compliance, notifications, and the integration with HR processes.  

How to digitize shift planning in an industrial company, for example, can be illustrated on two specific use cases. A globally operating tire manufacturer and an automotive company opted for a similar approach: The proper shift planning remains part of their special solutions. But by creating an integration with Microsoft Teams, the frontline workers are now able to use certain features as part of their work processes. This allows them, for example, to offer to trade shifts or sign up for other shifts.  

Since Campana & Schott's solutions are based on the Microsoft Teams platform, organizations can build on an infrastructure that is already in use on the office side. Now that organizations have learned how to use collaboration tools for information workers, they can profit from this knowledge–to enable digital processes and digital collaboration for frontline workers.  

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