Use artificial intelligence correctly.

Artificial intelligence ("AI" for short) is one of the most important basic technologies of the 21st century and is playing an increasingly relevant role in companies of all sizes and industries.
Artificial intelligence can help to open up new sources of income and make different areas of activity in companies more efficient and effective. In marketing, sales and product management, the large amount of customer data results in particularly great potential for the use of AI.

About the practice report AI

The practice report KI examines the current status of AI applications in marketing, sales and product management. The challenges were identified and recommendations for action for companies that want to use artificial intelligence were derived.

The study is published by the Technical University of Darmstadt and Campana & Schott.

For the current 2021 edition, qualitative interviews were conducted with 20 specialists and managers with relevant expertise. 13 different use cases for the use of artificial intelligence in these three areas of activity were worked out.

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