Cyber Security Workshops

We provide comprehensive support to companies in successfully mastering the current cyber security challenges.

Cyber Security Services

We use compact workshop formats to give you an easy introduction to the various topics and show you the way to modern cyber security approaches. The workshops are supported by Microsoft and are free of charge for qualified companies. Feel free to contact us to find out which conditions apply to your company.


Our workshops at a glance

Secure Identities ​and Access Workshop

With the right tools, protect the identities of your authorized users, authenticate credentials, and manage file access without impacting collaboration.

Secure Multi-Cloud Environments Workshop

Uncover immediate threats and vulnerabilities in your Azure, on-premises, and multi-cloud environments and improve your security posture for the long term.

Threat Protection Workshop

Gain insight into immediate threats in email, identity, and data, as well as clarity and support for improving your security posture over the long term.

Data Security Workshop

Take a closer look at your information and understand how to better protect it against risks inside and outside your organization.

Protect & Govern Sensitive Data Workshop

Maintaining sovereignty over data and privacy with an integrated approach.

Endpoint Management Workshop

Enable your employees to be productive on any device without compromising IT security.

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