Cloud migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud

We support companies in migrating to the Microsoft Azure Cloud & ensure more flexibility, more security & lower costs for your IT.

Are you ready for cloud migration?

Migration to the cloud requires a lot of preparation and groundwork. With our flexible process model, we accompany you in the transfer of your digital processes to the cloud and ensure more flexibility, more security and lower costs for your IT.

Your path to the cloud

Phase 0 - Business migration planning

Together we identify the goals to be achieved with the migration and define the benefits in application operation that are targeted with the migration.

Phase 1 - Plattform readiness

We set up the basic infrastructure in Azure, migrate prioritised workloads and ensure the operational readiness of the cloud platform.

Phase 2 - Inventory

The existing workloads and infrastructure are documented and an information collection is created.

Phase 3 - Evaluation

The previously inventoried infrastructure is assessed with the help of a qualitative and quantitative analysis. The quantitative analysis is carried out with the help of the Microsoft Tooling Suite. We use objective criteria to assess the suitability for a cloud migration.

Phase 4 - Migration planning

We detail the result document and develop the migration plan. In doing so, we already take into account the requirements of decommissioning.

Phase 5 - Migration

We ensure a secure and smooth data migration during ongoing operations so that there is no downtime. The migration is continuously monitored and optimised.

Phase 6 - Decommissioning

We disable and remove servers and pools from a legacy deployment, update DNS records or move content management servers.

Our Cloud services

Cloud strategy

With our knowledge of the technical possibilities as well as our eye for the needs of our customers, we develop customised cloud strategies that allow you to unleash the full potential of the cloud.

Cloud infrastructure

We ensure the introduction of a scalable platform and enable a flexible and timely start in the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud.

Cloud application development

We offer all services related to cloud application development from a single source. Whether app development, data, AI or machine learning - we deliver customised solutions based on modern technologies.

Cloud security

We accompany you in all facets of cloud security. With our approach, companies benefit from high security standards without negatively affecting the user experience.

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