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The very highest standards in information security: Campana & Schott earns ISO 27001 certification from TÜV Rheinland.

Digital security and data protection are more than just buzzwords at Campana & Schott. They are integral elements of the company’s strategy. We recently received ISO 27001 certification from TÜV Rheinland as a clear sign of our commitment in this domain. We pledge to uphold the very highest standards of cybersecurity and treat the sensitive information of our partners and customers as confidential.

Strategic steps on the path toward ISO 27001 certification

The path to certification was shaped by strategically important measures that Campana & Schott took in the area of information security. One central measure was the implementation of a company-wide information security management system (ISMS), which will help us tackle the dynamic challenges of data security effectively. In this way, we ensure the integrity and confidentiality of our partners’ and customers’ information.

Key factors in introducing the ISMS included process optimization and our already high level of technical security – thanks to state-of-the-art Microsoft security technologies – along with our years of experience in security consulting. This knowledge transfer within the company shows that we can overcome even complex security challenges – a capability we also provide to our customers.

Security awareness: raising employee awareness in detail

Security awareness is another important building block of a comprehensive security strategy. This means sensitizing our employees to security risks is a central component of our holistic security concept, which we expanded on further as part of the certification process. Our customers can also benefit from our expertise in all aspects of security awareness.

Our ISO 27001 certification underscores our commitment to quality and security across the board. We are proud to embrace this standard in our day-to-day work, thereby further strengthening our customers’ trust in us – and to share this expertise with our customers.

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