Objectives, Key Results and Project Management

Are you planning to increase your organization’s agility?

To quickly adapt to changing business environments, organizations need to align organizational strategy with goals on business unit, team and project level within very short timeframes. The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) method offers a proven framework to rapidly align an entire organization on a specific set of prioritized objectives and key results.

To achieve results, various planning tools such as Project Online, Planner, SharePoint, etc. from the Microsoft PPM Ecosystem are being used today, limiting the visibility of achievements and interdependencies between individual efforts. To help organizations surface results instantly and provide transparency on the organizational goal landscape, we have developed a solution based on the Power Platform.

A quick introduction to OKRs:

Working with OKR creates two major benefits:

Goal-oriented focus: Focus on main results to achieve specific business objectives.

Alignment: Align your company’s vision with goals of every department or cross-functional unit.

Usually the company’s vision and strategic goals are restricted to management positions. From there the management delegates smaller work items or goals to the

smallest functional unit. This process results in the fact, that roles in lower hierarchy levels have no connection to the big picture. With the OKR methodology you can achieve alignment across all goals on each of your company’s levels. Therefore, everyone can see the big picture of your organization’s goals. As a result, motivation of your smallest functional units rise massively.

To increase focus in achieving your companies goals it is important to define your goals and define what it takes to achieve them. According to the OKR methodology the Objective is defined qualitatively as a “What do I want to achieve?”. Key Results instead represent a quantitative definition as a “How do I want to achieve it?”. Furthermore, one Objective usually is achieved by around 3 Key Results. Following these rules can ultimately lead to focusing on the most important work as well as increasing the effective achievement of goals.
Campana & Schott provides a single platform to support the OKR framework.

Listing Objectives, their Key Results and an aggregated progress

We have developed a tool to manage your Objectives and map Key Results to each of them. With a structure being set, you are also able to provide your Key Results progress. This as a result defines your Objectives progress. With information about a organizational level (Vision, Company, Project and Team) Objectives can be organized hierarchically. Therefore your progress is aggregated from your smallest organizational unit up to your strategic vision. Additional filter functions help you to improve the overview.

Radical transparency about all Objectives and Key Results

With your OKRs set it is important that everyone can easily see the big picture. Your company’s OKRs build a network which provides the necessary information to understand what is happening in your organization at just one glance.

Manage your Projects according to Status and Time within the OKR Framework

The solution can retrieve data from everywhere in your organization. Data from services like Planner, Project Online, SharePoint and even Excel files can be digested by the Microsoft Power Platform based solution. Easily embeddable to Microsoft Teams, it perfectly fits to your daily social collaboration.