Software Rollout: Cloud-based, with automated deployment

Kulzer’s worldwide client management is now location-independent.

The initial installation of end devices used to be done at a person’s workplace in the company. To be able to better support mobile working, Kulzer joined forces with Campana & Schott to introduce a system to securely and remotely roll out end devices via cloud. The automated initial installation now takes only about 45 minutes. 

Starting situation: Insufficient speed, lack of flexibility

In the past, almost all Kulzer employees had a fixed workplace in the company. The client management of their devices was largely done on premise. The processes were outsourced to a service provider and often lacked the desired flexibility and speed. It was not a forward-looking scenario for mobile working.  

At the same time, Kulzer—like many other companies—finds themselves exposed to ever-growing and increasingly complex cyber risks. The tools previously used to protect against attacks were not optimally integrated and no longer able to provide adequate protection in the long term. In addition, Kulzer's management board had to decide in mid-January 2021 whether the contract with the previous provider should be continued.  


Solution: Convenient and automated processes

The most important goal was to change the client deployment to a more self-service-oriented approach in order to reduce the burden on IT. To this end, the introduction of Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Endpoint Manager was to provide extensive automation and cloud-based processes. With respect to security aspects, the recommendation was to use the Microsoft Defender 365 solution since Kulzer is already using the Microsoft 365 platform. 

After the project start in November 2020, the development of the MVP and the step-by-step implementation of the project in sprints followed. The agile approach meant that piloting could already be done at the end of March 2021 and the company-wide introduction could be implemented by the end of April 2021.  

The result: Improved security and efficiency

The new solution enables Kulzer to benefit from fully automated, location-independent software deployment and increased security. Employees have permanent access to the IT back-end to obtain updates. In addition, the notebook can be fully reset and reinstalled if problems arise, without having to return to the fixed workplace in the company. 

Security was significantly improved, as Microsoft Defender 365 detects current attack attempts. In addition, the platform exchanges data with other systems such as email or identity management in order to uncover risks. Thomas Gessler sums it up like this: “A state-of-the-art solution that is more efficient and secure to operate—what more could we ask for.” 

About Kulzer GmbH

As one of the world’s leading dental companies, Kulzer has been a reliable partner for all dental professionals for more than 85 years. Be it dentistry, tooth preservation, prosthetics or periodontology—Kulzer stands for trusted and innovative dental solutions with optimal solutions and services, Kulzer aims to support customers in restoring their patients' oral health in a safe, simple and efficient way. For this purpose, 1400 employees work in 26 locations in the fields of research and development, manufacturing and marketing. Kulzer is part of the Mitsui Chemicals Group.  

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