Sana IT in the cloud

A step toward forward-looking medical care

Sana IT Services and Campana & Schott are setting new standards in digital IT infrastructure through a cloud transformation that combines security and innovation, laying the cornerstone for sustainable patient care.

In the healthcare sector, secure and reliable processing of data is a fundamental requirement in terms of guaranteeing patient-centric, modern care. In light of this challenge, many healthcare institutions and hospitals are focusing on modernizing their IT infrastructures through cloud technologies. The goal of this step is to increase operational efficiency, ensure compliance with data protection and privacy laws and regulatory requirements, and significantly improve the quality of patient care.

The Sana Kliniken cloud strategy

Sana Kliniken, a leading provider in the healthcare sector, has made a key decision on IT strategy: to develop an IT landscape for over 30,000 employees that accommodates modern work requirements while offering high levels of flexibility and security. Sana IT Services, the service provider to the stock corporation, took charge of planning and implementing the IT infrastructure modernization in cooperation with Campana & Schott by developing and implementing a cloud concept in Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Workshop

Customized workshops to boost cloud capability

The process kicked off with a series of workshops held by Campana & Schott to cultivate an in-depth understanding of the landing zone requirements and create documents to be used by Sana IT Services in making decisions. These items were based on the best practices and guidelines set out in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, with the goal of designing a reference architecture that meets the healthcare service provider’s requirements.

At the same time, regular interactive expert discussions were held to share in-depth knowledge and allow for direct discussions with CS experts. These dialogues bolstered organizational expertise on cloud technologies while also supporting practical understanding, administration, and configuration in Microsoft Azure to a crucial degree.

Technical implementation and proof of concept

The approach was put in place by implementing the platform landing zone with a modern Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach in Terraform and GitLab, ensuring efficient and reproducible cloud environment setup. Campana & Schott supported the customer in implementing a data lake as proof of concept, demonstrating the new cloud platform’s functionality and performance.

This initiative forms a crucial basis for the development of a flexible, secure, and forward-looking IT infrastructure.


David Malovecky

Senior Manager | Head of Cloud Platforms