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Digitization and connection of all employees across the whole company.

Seamless integration of the entire workforce into a single shared digital workplace

The digital transformation does not end at the office desk. More than ever before, the integration of frontline workers, i.e. production, shop, logistics or service staff, is an important success factor for organizations.

At the heart of any organization are people. Globally, frontline workers represent 80% of the workforce. A digital workplace consists of so much more than just sharing the latest news with your staff. It is also about digitalizing business processes and providing a secure platform for cooperation. 

These aims can be achieved only with the right strategy, design and implementation. As an award-winning Microsoft partner, we help you to design your project in a way that ensures its success and makes your staff more productive and successful.

Our services

Frontline Worker Strategy

We specifically identify actual use cases that apply to your frontline workers. On the basis of this information, we evaluate the conditions that are needed to make the digital workplace securely available to all staff.

Pilot & Prototype

Together with you, we will examine a specific use case in a pilot setting and validate any technical issues. With the aid of a prototype, we confirm the benefit potential and the earliest feasible implementation date.

Technical Readiness

In collaboration with your IT experts, we will ensure the readiness of your technology through tenant configuration analysis, identity management and the respective network infrastructure, and will initiate all of the necessary as well as recommended measures.

Mobile Device Strategy & Management

Together with you, we determine a suitable mobile device strategy that makes it possible to provide your frontline workers with end and peripheral devices, takes the costs into account and meets your compliance requirements.

Adoption & Change Management

The needs of frontline workers differ completely from those of staff involved in providing information. We engage them, communicate the benefits to them and establish the basis for wide-spread acceptance and use.

In-house Apps

We ensure that the sharing of key news is combined with delivering essential processes such as vacation request forms or shift planning, for instance directly from SAP. We realize apps for the Teams platform, implement interfaces with business systems and integrate IoT solutions.

Start now with your first workshop - informative & interactive

  • We will show you the possibilities Microsoft Teams offers for the integration of your frontline workers.
  • Based on concrete scenarios such as employee app, communication, shift planning, workflows and onboarding, you will talk to our experts about your use cases and receive initial ideas for implementation.
  • Practical examples will give you further ideas and impulses.
  • We talk to you about success factors as well as technical and organizational requirements.
  • Finally, we outline a rough roadmap and recommend concrete next steps.


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*) as part of the Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program, the WS is free of charge subject to MS approval. The workshop will be conducted virtually and can be requested as a full-day workshop or as two half-day workshops.


Our expertise

Award-winning Microsoft technology expertise

As a multi-award-winning Microsoft Solutions Partner with over 100 certified employees, we are technology experts. We program, develop and operate the digital workplaces and intranets of our customers and ensure that they benefit fully from all of the added values offered by the solutions from Microsoft, Valo and Powell.

Professional Workplace Security Consulting

Our experts advise you on all relevant issues with regard to securing your frontline worker infrastructure and beyond and on all aspects of M365 Security & Compliance.

Individual identity & device management

From requirements to practical solutions. Benefit from the expertise of our Azure AD and Intune specialists when it comes to supplying your large number of frontline workers, including externally based staff, with accounts and devices, and their centralized management.

First-class processes & app development

We are experts across the entire spectrum, from low code/no code to custom coding and the development of interfaces, and the respective automation of the processes handled by your frontline workers.

Comprehensive adoption & change management

With the aid of our PROSCI®-based adoption & change management framework, we ensure that your entire workforce, from the top executives down to the frontline staff, support the change, and ensure that your frontline workers become active users in the long term.

Proven roll-out and project management

We are market-acknowledged specialists for all aspects of project, program and project portfolio management. With our professional expertise and experience, we have been ensuring the success of complex projects for over 25 years.

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