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Staffbase has announced that Valo Intranet will be discontinued as of July 31st, 2025. There will also be no new SharePoint add-on to replace Valo. What does this mean for organizations currently working with a Valo-based intranet? We can help you make a smooth transition to a modern and independent intranet.

Why is Valo Intranet being discontinued?

Staffbase announced in 2022 that it would reduce its investment in Valo Intranet and focus on Microsoft integrations. Since then, a steady decline in market demand and sales has been observed. Following a comprehensive review of sales volumes and product-market fit, Staffbase has decided to discontinue Valo Intranet.


How long will there still be access to Valo Intranet?

Support for Valo products will be ensured until 31.07.2025, but there will be no further developments. Customers with a permanent license will still be able to use Valo Intranet in its current state after 31.07.2025, but there will be no more support from the manufacturer.


Will there still be support?

Yes, there will continue to be support from the manufacturer until 31.07.2025, so that smooth use is possible. However, there will be no further developments. After 31.07.2025, support from the manufacturer will be discontinued.


Our roadmap for your new intranet

We support your Valo exit strategy

With the end of Valo, we are already migrating our customers to SharePoint Online Standard in conjunction with Microsoft Viva Connections and Viva Engage. Social intranets are now being used by more than 50,000 users worldwide.

Our interim conclusion after the first go-lives is promising: the social intranet based on Viva works and meets or even exceeds user expectations.

Our team at Campana & Schott will support you in this process right from the start. Do you need support with your Valo exit strategy? We have put together a specific Valo exit package for you.

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Alternatives for your intranet visitors

The SharePoint standard now offers a whole range of features that enable target group-specific content to be displayed in a user-friendly way. In combination with Microsoft Viva Connections, your new intranet can even go mobile!


Alternatives for your editorial department

Communication work is constantly changing towards more contributors, more short-lived content, more interaction and community building. SharePoint and Microsoft Viva also offer the right solutions for these trends on the "productive" side.


We have a plan

Your new intranet can be ready well before the end of Valo support and can also offer more than just alternatives to the expiring features. With your requirements in mind, we rethink communication from scratch and set about implementing it.

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As a Microsoft Solutions Partner in all relevant business areas, we are closely networked with the manufacturer, master the technologies and ensure that solutions develop their full added value. We have been named Microsoft Partner of the Year 2023 in the "Employee Experience" category and are one of the world's leading Microsoft partners in this area. We were also named one of the best partners in the "Project Portfolio Management" category as a finalist in this award.


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We support your Valo exit strategy

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