Project management in flux: artificial intelligence as game changer

Artificial intelligence in project management is more than just a passing fad. Learn how strategic use of AI is reshaping project managers’ day-to-day work.

Everything is changing and changing faster. Project management is no exception. The days of constantly juggling information, filling out endless spreadsheets, and even taking handwritten notes are coming to an end. Today, there are a growing number of tools and technologies that can make our jobs easier - or even revolutionize them. One of these key technologies is Artificial Intelligence (AI). And that includes project management.

Room for strategic decisions and structured team leadership

Do AI and project management go together? Yes, they do! This scenario is no longer fiction and has many advantages. We have developed an AI assistant function based on Azure OpenAI and integrated it into our Campana & Schott Power Suite. And this integration of generative AI models into advanced project management tools is revolutionizing the entire process. Just imagine being able to complete tasks such as creating a project structure plan or drafting project specifications in just a short time, and with levels of accuracy and efficiency that are difficult or impossible to achieve through manual work. This would be a huge help to those responsible for projects, sharply reducing time-consuming repetitive tasks. And that creates room for strategic considerations, better project management, and the crucial structured communication and dialogue within project teams. This would mean project managers could finally focus their energies on actually leading project teams and making strategic decisions.

Data security and AI go hand in hand

But what about data security? With tools like our Campana & Schott Power Suite, which is based on the Microsoft Power Platform and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Project for the Web, we offer an advanced platform that meets the highest security standards. Company data is optimally protected and treated confidentially. This means that modern work and data security go hand in hand when using AI technology in project management, as they do elsewhere. No more hours spent writing project specifications or creating project structure plans - AI does it all with a single click.

I see AI in project management as much more than a passing fad. I think it is a lasting change that will revolutionize management and control of projects. It offers us the opportunity to make our work more efficient and effective – and, ultimately, more successful. I will be watching eagerly to see where the journey will go from here. We’re operating in exciting times.

What is the Campana & Schott Power Suite like in detail? What concrete benefits can it provide for you, and how do you work with the suite and Azure OpenAI in project management? We’ve put together an overview for you to download. Put AI to work for you and experience the future of project management!

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Dominik Wolgast

Consultant - Project & Performance Management Solutions

Lukas Graf

Consultant - Project & Performance Management Solutions