Back to the office - but which one? What is the best place to work and when is it even worth traveling to?

CS Smart Workspace is an AI-based assistance system that supports employees in planning their work locations and in everyday office life. Fully integrated into the digital workplace based on M365 and teams, it accompanies employees in their everyday work and provides decision-relevant information at the right time, such as B. the utilization of the offices, vacancies, the presence of colleagues.

  • Easy finding and booking of free rooms or workplaces
  • Intuitive planning of attendances in the office
  • Promotion of personal encounters
  • Seamless integration into the digital workplace and intuitive use
  • Flexible and scalable, optimized for Microsoft 365/MS Teams
  • Optimized use of rooms and buildings through meaningful analyses

The features at a glance

For companies
Understand utilization & define occupancy limits

Track and understand occupancy and utilization of buildings and workplaces with dashboards. Define occupancy limits.


Receive reporting and analysis

Predefined reports on room usage provide information about occupancy and ideal room sizes.


Automatically release room bookings

Automatically cancel unused meeting room reservations with bot technology.


No additional tools

The deep integration into Office 365 and the existing Digital Workplace does not require any additional tools.


No additional infrastructure

The fully Microsoft Azure based solution requires no additional infrastructure.


100% Security & data protection

The data is yours - all sensor data remains in a closed system and is completely anonymous.


For employees
Planning the place of work

Use the calendar to plan when and where to work.


Find free spaces

Find free desks or meeting rooms on mobile or desktop in Microsoft Teams.


End & extend meetings

Meetings can be ended or extended quickly and easily via bot communication.


Orientation with interactive live map

A map overview of all rooms with live data makes orientation easier.


Find out estimated availability

Machine learning based preview of the probable availability of free desks and meeting rooms.


Promotion of concentration and health

Bad air quality warning


Practical example: CS Smart Workspace in use with IoT sensors

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