Enterprise Voice

We ensure that companies and their employees can focus on the content of their communication instead of the tools.

Globally reachable with Enterprise Voice

  • Save costs by replacing old and expensive telephone systems with modern fixed network telephony based on Microsoft Teams.
  • Introduce the new "Hybrid Work" method and enable a high degree of flexibility for all employees by decoupling the office and fixed network.
  • Flexible and fast set-up of telephony solutions worldwide via zero-hardware solutions such as Microsoft Calling Plans and MS Teams Operator Connect.

We ensure that companies and their employees remain globally accessible and can concentrate on the content of communication instead of the tools. To this end, we take a detailed look at the initial situation and identify functional, technical and organizational dependencies, helping to reduce costs in the long term.

We accompany you on your individual way to telephony with Microsoft Teams and support you with the necessary hardware from one source. If required, we also provide support in downstream operations through classic consulting or modern managed services.

Our services

Enterprise Voice Strategy

Together we capture the status quo of their enterprise voice environment, talk about use cases, build a business case and create a roadmap for MS Teams Calling.

Enterprise Voice Proof of Concept

We quickly and easily build a proof of concept with a connection to your Microsoft 365 tenant and validate the use of MS Teams Calling.

Technical Readiness & Implementation

Top voice quality does not happen by chance. Together we create the optimal conditions and successfully implement MS Teams Calling.

Gateway Managed Service

With our managed service, you do not need your own telephony infrastructure, but conveniently obtain it from us.

Adoption & Change Management

With clear information, we ensure a smooth transition to telephony with Microsoft Teams. This means that all employees always have the best connection.

Matching topics

Modernize Communications Workshop

In a modular event, learn about the vision of Microsoft Teams Phone and advanced communication scenarios and get your roadmap to adoption.

Digital Workplace

We deliver all services from a single source, from the strategy of a digital workplace, to the technical implementation, to the handover to line operation.

Communication & Collaboration

We accompany companies holistically in the modernization of their communication and collaboration solutions.

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